Time flies when you are busy and working but stays put when you sit down and think about a past event. Specially if the event was life changing and disturbing like the passing away of the most beloved member of the family.

Kumail Abbas was the youngest of the four brothers, born to Najmul Hassan and Siddiqa Bhojani on 2nd June 1988. He passed away during a tragic car accident in the early morning of 13th February, 2004. He had not completed his 15 years in this world.

As another year passes by, I had an opportunity to sit back and remember the past, the moments of joy shared with him and the other members of the family.

Though, he was the youngest in the family, he passed away first in line, quickly followed by our mother, father and another brother Mehdi Reza.

This time allowed me to remember the past, consider the present times, and prepare for the future.

We all have our time in this world, and we will all have an ending.

ALLAH BLESS THEIR SOULS and prepare us for the time.

Source: Kumail Abbas – Tasks