There are times when I feel that many things that we would like to do in our private settings are now being done publicly, specially with the internet and social networks, opening even the most secured locker rooms, for all to see.

Taking my case for example. I have just recently added myself to the Facebook world of millions. Wishing my anonymity and privacy with a group of near and dear ones, I walked the path to instant publicity, immediately opening all my locked rooms and thoughts.

Surprised to see what the internet (mainly google) was recording of my behavior when browsing various websites, logging my every move, and noting my preferences, even notifying others of my likes and dislikes. Was so alarmed to see the large database of my supposedly private information, out in the public.

I am told that it is too late to cover your tracks, and once a path is threaded it is marked with my foot prints (NETPRINTS) for eternity and for everyone willing to observe.

Now that there is no chance of back tracking, I will walk cautiously for a while before I have gathered enough courage to be in PUBLIC EYES with all my vulnerabilities out in the open.

Do let me know what you think, Whether I am bragging or extremely cautious?

Till next time