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Post ATM 2017

During the past few days which were not necessarily very productive, but they did have major turns and disruptions, I went past the Arabian Travel Market Show of 2017. It was again a major success and attraction for the international travel market which is currently focusing on Arabia.

If an experience that did have a major turn, it was the possibility of a change in product and industry that had cultivated my psychology during the past 25 years, I was seeing an opportunity and a promising business in other arenas, apart from my stronghold of hardware and tools, in the business to business model.

Now that I have seen the opportunity of retail and other products and industries. I can appreciate the other kinds and models of business, that most of the companies prefer to target, that is to approach the end user.

My attempt to target the end user in my field of business is still far and that now I have an opportunity to see that kind of business in another product and industry, it is really exciting. I am planning to pursue the business further and am currently targeting more of my resources towards the build up of that option.

As I get more and more geared towards the initial setting up and then finally opening shop, I want a slow but determined growth level, and regular development of the cash flow. During the time of growth, a slower cash flow would be projected, but my aim is to get going and flying at the earliest.

Will talk a little more on this subject later, but now other activities demand my attention,

So till later,

Good Bye.

Back this year! Probably bigger, better and more attendees than the previous. There are some other important things that are taking more of my time and energy. I am trying to look at the different aspects of my life in different and separate situations. What if I try to merge my various mindsets and merge the ideas in one place? I am currently preparing for the ATM show 2017, trying to sell products online, setting up a new website, studying the dynamics of social media, reading about how the brain functions, working on my own VR project.
Broadly speaking, wearing different hats at different times, in front of different people, in different locations, and is really confusing to ME at many times.
Before I actually start writing a review for the show, I would like to show

Time flies when you are busy and working but stays put when you sit down and think about a past event. Specially if the event was life changing and disturbing like the passing away of the most beloved member of the family.

Kumail Abbas was the youngest of the four brothers, born to Najmul Hassan and Siddiqa Bhojani on 2nd June 1988. He passed away during a tragic car accident in the early morning of 13th February, 2004. He had not completed his 15 years in this world.

As another year passes by, I had an opportunity to sit back and remember the past, the moments of joy shared with him and the other members of the family.

Though, he was the youngest in the family, he passed away first in line, quickly followed by our mother, father and another brother Mehdi Reza.

This time allowed me to remember the past, consider the present times, and prepare for the future.

We all have our time in this world, and we will all have an ending.

ALLAH BLESS THEIR SOULS and prepare us for the time.

Source: Kumail Abbas – Tasks

There are times when I feel that many things that we would like to do in our private settings are now being done publicly, specially with the internet and social networks, opening even the most secured locker rooms, for all to see.

Taking my case for example. I have just recently added myself to the Facebook world of millions. Wishing my anonymity and privacy with a group of near and dear ones, I walked the path to instant publicity, immediately opening all my locked rooms and thoughts.

Surprised to see what the internet (mainly google) was recording of my behavior when browsing various websites, logging my every move, and noting my preferences, even notifying others of my likes and dislikes. Was so alarmed to see the large database of my supposedly private information, out in the public.

I am told that it is too late to cover your tracks, and once a path is threaded it is marked with my foot prints (NETPRINTS) for eternity and for everyone willing to observe.

Now that there is no chance of back tracking, I will walk cautiously for a while before I have gathered enough courage to be in PUBLIC EYES with all my vulnerabilities out in the open.

Do let me know what you think, Whether I am bragging or extremely cautious?

Till next time

Testing Blogging (AGAIN)

In the fast paced life of Dubai, things and people are steps, to take and move on. It happens so that, after every little while, somebody or something pops into your life. Suddenly, taking a part of the daily (already exhausted) routine.

To look at this as positively as possible, people tend to use this as a stepping stone, more like a milestone, to progress to the next level. If taking a thing like a gadget of use, making the most of it would mean a step forward. On the other hand, if a person like a relative happens to stop by, using him or her as a stepping stone might set you back in the social cirlce.


This seems more like the case in general.


If you happen to have similar or non similar thoughts, do share!

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