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Thoughts that trouble me

This has been a very gruesome year.

Almost no development in the monetary section, further deterioration in the physical health section but Alhamdolillah some development in the spiritual section.

I have many things to highlight here, but more than that I would like to divide my thoughts in sections and will elaborate on each point at a later stage.

During the past month (actually months) I have been testing my ability to reach out to the spiritual world. Unfortunately I have not yet been able to successfully make a contact. On the other hand, I have learnt that this is a very doable and acceptable phenomena among the aware.

As I journey on my path to spirituality, I have grown to understand that there is an internal force that guides and also provides the motivation to continue trying. My belief is that all of the human race has a subliminal force in the form of a spirit or soul as we call it. If that soul is able to form contact with others, then there is no need for a communication medium as the soul is part of us.

Then there is also the way that the soul reacts and behaves in different situations. If I were to have total submission to the soul and let the feeling guide me in this world, maybe I will be able to enter another world (dimension) which is more godly and less human.

How can a person allow total control to a soul and not follow what the intellectual mind is taught all these years. How can I submit totally to this new force of power?

Another difficulty is the routine of life that has formed strong beliefs in our system. It forces us to follow worldly affairs of earning a living to pay the bills and feed the hunger. If our bodies were able to feed themselves like the souls and spirits are being fed? What if our bodies did not really need any food? It was just an illusion or our greed? Maybe we could survive on our own? like other living organisms? that feed naturally without having to work or earn their food?

Maybe there is abundance in all forms of rewards. We are so used to be rewarded with money for the work that we do, and the greed of more forces us to find better and faster ways of earning more and more. If our gratitude had the better control and our greed was forced to shut down, our world would be a much better place. There would be peace and abundance of nature to feed all. Would nature be able to provide rewards in other forms? Not the money but with gratitude that would humble all of us.

Another thought has been the ability of the soul and body to heal itself by bringing the nature of our creation in a state that would allow the soul to work on the body, and the body be able to rejuvenate. It is a thought that bewilders me yet, something that I cannot stop thinking about.

Apart from the spiritual nature and the meditation that is required to reach a state of freedom and serenity to feel the soul, I have been thinking about the other realities of this world. As the population of the people grows, there is undoubtedly the need to have more food and food source for the people. If our greed is not controlled, and the body needs to feed by growing food, plants and animals, in a sustainable form to over supply the greed of the human being.

One form of agriculture that I closely follow and believe to be successful is the vertical farming method using aquaponics to create a closed but sustainable ecosystem and provide natural growth of fish and plants, but there is one very serious problem that I cannot understate….How will the water be (cleaned/recycled/reused) after many cycles within the ecosystem, and finally turns to waste? Will the natural evaporation and rain be the answer to the question, or will the water’s life be through the earth which filters it and joins the waterbed beneath? Or maybe to dissolve the waste into the GREAT oceans?

This is truly a challenge? or is it just our thought that we created the pollution to air/water/earth by our gradual increase in using of fuels? What if nature is adapting to our usage and is constantly evolving to provide a better future for us? The climate change that we fear so much might actually be nature’s way to filter or reverse the pollution we caused? Should we intervene with nature and force it to produce another type of change that will again frighten us? Are the human species frightened by the thought of destruction? Yet the powerful are growing their powers to become more powerful, to be able to destroy whole continents………causing destruction to all life form there, plants, animals and WE , HUMANS.

If humans are afraid of dying? why do we create devices, bombs and ammunition to KILL other Humans?

Are we created human beings to live for eternity? not die ever? should we even consider living longer a progress in LIFE? My thoughts are that we are all eternal beings, only that body, the human body that we consider to be our self, is just a medium to pass through the phase of life on earth. Our soul is the eternal self that we all long to be and if it is empowered to be itself, then the body will just be a existence to contain the soul in this life, but will have a form of its own eternal self in another dimension. I might be considered crazy, but I believe we were always eternal beings and will always be eternal in another form. If the creator has created a soul, then the body dies but the soul LIVES.

Had to leave the post suddenly and cannot continue from the same place. Will have to make a new and unrelated writing in the coming time.

Till later,

Cheers to the world.


It was a usual humid day of September 2017 in Dubai, UAE. Usual because it is still summer in Dubai, United Arab Emirates but showing signs of Autumn as the humidity increases bringing fog to major parts of the country. A true sign of changing weather from Summer towards the cooler days.

But apart from the usual weather, there were a few very unusual experiences on a usual 12th of September 2017.

Today, I had the pleasure of accompanying a long time friend, well wisher and cousin, Ali Raza Ladhani, to visit one of the most awaited events of the year, The exhibition that showcases the various real estate activities around Dubai, the whole of UAE and across the World.

First unusual experience was the sudden arrival of His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the vice president of UAE and the Ruler of Dubai. Under the auspicious leadership, were his 2 children and a host of dignitaries. I was so shocked to see the man in person, that I had forgotten all my speeches prepared for such a day to thank his highness. I wanted to Thank Allah, the lord for blessing us to live in the city of Dubai. I wanted to Thank Allah for providing the opportunity to build my dreams in this city. I wanted to Thank Allah to allow my parents to migrate to Dubai to grow in the ever growing city of Dubai. I wanted to sincerely Thank Allah for the great leader that was Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed al Maktoum (the father) who kick started the growth trend of UAE. I then wanted to Thank Allah for continuing the great leadership in His Highness Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid al Maktoum, for his vision, his dream, his perseverance, his untiring efforts, his continuous ability to reach and promote higher standards with every passing day. As i watched him walk past me, just mesmerized by his aura, forgot to salute all his work, his dreams and his higher level of reach.


Another unusual happening was the first international cricket match of the decade that took place on the grounds of my home country of Pakistan. It was a match between the Pakistan team and another team made of players from all other international teams. And this first international match was won by the home team.


The final unusual activity was catching a program live on youtube. Did not expect this at all. I am not a fan of watching tv on a computer monitor. I am not a fan of watching another gadget that gets introduced to millions of people around the world. I am not really a fan of APPLE products. But, today it so happened that I clicked on a live screening and LET it play.


Please add your thoughts to the way I experienced a usual humid day of September.



Tech in the UAE

The UAE was always first in embracing new technology to improve it’s services and to provide the best environment to the residents.
I had drafted many ideas earlier to improve parts and bits of the things I found which had space for improvement.
The first was an idea from my late father, Mr. Najmul Hassan, who had suggested a foot bridge across the creek for people to move quickly between the 2 sides.
Secondly, he had ideas of flying cars after being stuck in traffic on a regular basis, complaining the growing number of cars who do not have capable drivers at the steering wheels.
This gave me the third idea of a robot or self driving cars that would know the route perfectly, that would be able to steer perfectly, that would also be able to follow the rules perfectly, without disturbing other drivers (or robots)
Another problem that I always had trouble dealing with was the time frame. I have lots of things to do in my mind, but rarely I am able to program the day and manage my time accordingly. This gave me another idea for time management and the situations where external forces controlled my work and schedule more than the work that I had planned in my mind.
To make matters worse, I had always work that was evolving according to the needs of other persons, companies or bosses, and I rarely managed to do the work that I had originally planned. This brought me another idea, an idea from google inc. that shows me some parts of my daily planner. If I had booked a cinema ticket for example or if there was somebody’s birthday today. This told me that maybe we can centrally plan somebody’s workday or workweek or maybe even full year’s worth of work schedule, that will automatically be shown to the person on the phone as a notification.
This might sound strange but we are now constantly checking our phones for notifications, either social or work related, and continuously responding to those. As we become more and more a respondent, we do more and more according to the notifications we receive.
What if those notifications were sent in a more organised manner, like a work flow which included short breaks for social interactions, replenishing coffee or water, then also notification to visit the washroom :) What if the user’s lifestyle was so well known to the app that it could program the day or days more efficiently, then the person could ever do. Also the app could adjust according to the mood of the user. what if the app could also provide better monetary gains or make the progress more efficient? What if the app understood the user’s needs, and adjusted the workflow, or for that matter leisure flow accordingly? What if the app was able to balance the work and play in such a way that provided maximum benefits for all parties involved? The employer, the family, the friends, and mostly the USER.
Instead of being the one following the orders of the boss, or the family, he would actually be able to follow his own orders, according to his regular work day, but in a more organised way as controlled by the app, which will actually be based on the user’s settings.
Will need AI or deep mind thinking to help me solve this and then also provide the notifications to the USER.

Post ATM 2017

During the past few days which were not necessarily very productive, but they did have major turns and disruptions, I went past the Arabian Travel Market Show of 2017. It was again a major success and attraction for the international travel market which is currently focusing on Arabia.

If an experience that did have a major turn, it was the possibility of a change in product and industry that had cultivated my psychology during the past 25 years, I was seeing an opportunity and a promising business in other arenas, apart from my stronghold of hardware and tools, in the business to business model.

Now that I have seen the opportunity of retail and other products and industries. I can appreciate the other kinds and models of business, that most of the companies prefer to target, that is to approach the end user.

My attempt to target the end user in my field of business is still far and that now I have an opportunity to see that kind of business in another product and industry, it is really exciting. I am planning to pursue the business further and am currently targeting more of my resources towards the build up of that option.

As I get more and more geared towards the initial setting up and then finally opening shop, I want a slow but determined growth level, and regular development of the cash flow. During the time of growth, a slower cash flow would be projected, but my aim is to get going and flying at the earliest.

Will talk a little more on this subject later, but now other activities demand my attention,

So till later,

Good Bye.

Back this year! Probably bigger, better and more attendees than the previous. There are some other important things that are taking more of my time and energy. I am trying to look at the different aspects of my life in different and separate situations. What if I try to merge my various mindsets and merge the ideas in one place? I am currently preparing for the ATM show 2017, trying to sell products online, setting up a new website, studying the dynamics of social media, reading about how the brain functions, working on my own VR project.
Broadly speaking, wearing different hats at different times, in front of different people, in different locations, and is really confusing to ME at many times.
Before I actually start writing a review for the show, I would like to show

Time flies when you are busy and working but stays put when you sit down and think about a past event. Specially if the event was life changing and disturbing like the passing away of the most beloved member of the family.

Kumail Abbas was the youngest of the four brothers, born to Najmul Hassan and Siddiqa Bhojani on 2nd June 1988. He passed away during a tragic car accident in the early morning of 13th February, 2004. He had not completed his 15 years in this world.

As another year passes by, I had an opportunity to sit back and remember the past, the moments of joy shared with him and the other members of the family.

Though, he was the youngest in the family, he passed away first in line, quickly followed by our mother, father and another brother Mehdi Reza.

This time allowed me to remember the past, consider the present times, and prepare for the future.

We all have our time in this world, and we will all have an ending.

ALLAH BLESS THEIR SOULS and prepare us for the time.

Source: Kumail Abbas – Tasks

There are times when I feel that many things that we would like to do in our private settings are now being done publicly, specially with the internet and social networks, opening even the most secured locker rooms, for all to see.

Taking my case for example. I have just recently added myself to the Facebook world of millions. Wishing my anonymity and privacy with a group of near and dear ones, I walked the path to instant publicity, immediately opening all my locked rooms and thoughts.

Surprised to see what the internet (mainly google) was recording of my behavior when browsing various websites, logging my every move, and noting my preferences, even notifying others of my likes and dislikes. Was so alarmed to see the large database of my supposedly private information, out in the public.

I am told that it is too late to cover your tracks, and once a path is threaded it is marked with my foot prints (NETPRINTS) for eternity and for everyone willing to observe.

Now that there is no chance of back tracking, I will walk cautiously for a while before I have gathered enough courage to be in PUBLIC EYES with all my vulnerabilities out in the open.

Do let me know what you think, Whether I am bragging or extremely cautious?

Till next time

Have been trying many things recently, specially on the work front. These days have also been difficult as things were not working out at the same pace as planned, nor were the things moving in the same direction as planned. A bit of a haphazard situation during the past month.
Anyhow, the turmoil is part of the twists and turns in this LIFE! As planned though, have been able to move a step closer to developing a website to promote my own personal business. As things start developing, I will post some updates but the most important being that it is quite astonishing to find so many websites of so many people, and then realize the sad truth about them, MOST WEBSITES are redundant. These people have created a space on the world wide web but not been doing much to interest others, or on the flip side, not done anything to accomplish a goal.
IF I am not wrong, most websites are created to fulfil an inner desire to be part of a culture. Something that others will like to participate in, where others will come to post their feelings, where others will be able to share thoughts but sadly most of the websites rarely attract any attention, due to the fact that they do not induce the interest in others to see what they offer.
IF someone can attract a million likes on facebook, why can’t one attract a million visitors to a website????
On the another thought, many websites are part of a commercial venture, where the prospective customer visits a website to look for a product or a service and tries to use a non-physical interaction to buy a physical object. Also sometimes a physical interaction provides a better experience to a non-physical product, like playing video games.

These experiences would tell a person that www would be a fun place to be in, the ever growing online population would be attracted to a new website like bees to a honey comb. Unfortunately, as the history shows, very few of the websites actually get much attention, and the ones that do succeed in gaining the approval of the masses are mainly for features that are offered free to the browsing individual, though he is actually being charged by some mega corporate for just the clicks and key presses.

I would like to continue adding content to this post, and specially if there are comments for or against.

As another great exhibition comes to a close, more people have more interest in visiting Dubai more often, making Dubai another popular destination. Then I remind myself of yet another astonishing fact. Dubai Airport is now declared the busiest international airport in the world, counting the number of passengers that travel through Dubai, outbound, inbound and in transit.

The Travel industry consists of the airline that brings in the passengers, the airports that the passengers pass through to reach their destination. Would the market be saturated, when the airport has the most number of footfall in any given month? What would be the measurement of growth?

The pictures are courtesy of Arabian Travel News

Arabian Travel Market 2015 Hyatt Stand

Arabian Travel Market 2015 Hyatt Stand

Arabian Travel Market 2015 Armani Stand

Arabian Travel Market 2015 Armani Stand

Arabian Travel Market 2015 Emirates Airline

Arabian Travel Market 2015 Emirates Airline

Arabian Travel Market 2015 Etihad Airline

Arabian Travel Market 2015 Etihad Airline

Arabian Travel Market 2015 Falconry Culture in UAE

Arabian Travel Market 2015 Falconry Culture in UAE

Arabian Travel Market 2015 Musical Culture of UAE

Arabian Travel Market 2015 Musical Culture of UAE

Arabian Travel Market 2015 Peruvian Display

Arabian Travel Market 2015 Peruvian Display

Arabian Travel Market 2015 Milano EXPO

Arabian Travel Market 2015 Milano EXPO

Reminding myself of how quickly time passes by. I had just recently written a blog for the Arabian Travel Market (2014) edition thinking of the future of tourism in our city of Dubai. It affectively boosted the tourist industry in the city, and the country of United Arab Emirates. As more holiday makers visit Dubai, more people learn about the wonderful place this really is, and as a whole improve the economy, not just in Dubai, not just in UAE but the whole of the Arabian Gulf.

Do comment on what your opinions are.

Testing Blogging (AGAIN)

In the fast paced life of Dubai, things and people are steps, to take and move on. It happens so that, after every little while, somebody or something pops into your life. Suddenly, taking a part of the daily (already exhausted) routine.

To look at this as positively as possible, people tend to use this as a stepping stone, more like a milestone, to progress to the next level. If taking a thing like a gadget of use, making the most of it would mean a step forward. On the other hand, if a person like a relative happens to stop by, using him or her as a stepping stone might set you back in the social cirlce.


This seems more like the case in general.


If you happen to have similar or non similar thoughts, do share!

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