Have been trying many things recently, specially on the work front. These days have also been difficult as things were not working out at the same pace as planned, nor were the things moving in the same direction as planned. A bit of a haphazard situation during the past month.
Anyhow, the turmoil is part of the twists and turns in this LIFE! As planned though, have been able to move a step closer to developing a website to promote my own personal business. As things start developing, I will post some updates but the most important being that it is quite astonishing to find so many websites of so many people, and then realize the sad truth about them, MOST WEBSITES are redundant. These people have created a space on the world wide web but not been doing much to interest others, or on the flip side, not done anything to accomplish a goal.
IF I am not wrong, most websites are created to fulfil an inner desire to be part of a culture. Something that others will like to participate in, where others will come to post their feelings, where others will be able to share thoughts but sadly most of the websites rarely attract any attention, due to the fact that they do not induce the interest in others to see what they offer.
IF someone can attract a million likes on facebook, why can’t one attract a million visitors to a website????
On the another thought, many websites are part of a commercial venture, where the prospective customer visits a website to look for a product or a service and tries to use a non-physical interaction to buy a physical object. Also sometimes a physical interaction provides a better experience to a non-physical product, like playing video games.

These experiences would tell a person that www would be a fun place to be in, the ever growing online population would be attracted to a new website like bees to a honey comb. Unfortunately, as the history shows, very few of the websites actually get much attention, and the ones that do succeed in gaining the approval of the masses are mainly for features that are offered free to the browsing individual, though he is actually being charged by some mega corporate for just the clicks and key presses.

I would like to continue adding content to this post, and specially if there are comments for or against.