The UAE was always first in embracing new technology to improve it’s services and to provide the best environment to the residents.
I had drafted many ideas earlier to improve parts and bits of the things I found which had space for improvement.
The first was an idea from my late father, Mr. Najmul Hassan, who had suggested a foot bridge across the creek for people to move quickly between the 2 sides.
Secondly, he had ideas of flying cars after being stuck in traffic on a regular basis, complaining the growing number of cars who do not have capable drivers at the steering wheels.
This gave me the third idea of a robot or self driving cars that would know the route perfectly, that would be able to steer perfectly, that would also be able to follow the rules perfectly, without disturbing other drivers (or robots)
Another problem that I always had trouble dealing with was the time frame. I have lots of things to do in my mind, but rarely I am able to program the day and manage my time accordingly. This gave me another idea for time management and the situations where external forces controlled my work and schedule more than the work that I had planned in my mind.
To make matters worse, I had always work that was evolving according to the needs of other persons, companies or bosses, and I rarely managed to do the work that I had originally planned. This brought me another idea, an idea from google inc. that shows me some parts of my daily planner. If I had booked a cinema ticket for example or if there was somebody’s birthday today. This told me that maybe we can centrally plan somebody’s workday or workweek or maybe even full year’s worth of work schedule, that will automatically be shown to the person on the phone as a notification.
This might sound strange but we are now constantly checking our phones for notifications, either social or work related, and continuously responding to those. As we become more and more a respondent, we do more and more according to the notifications we receive.
What if those notifications were sent in a more organised manner, like a work flow which included short breaks for social interactions, replenishing coffee or water, then also notification to visit the washroom :) What if the user’s lifestyle was so well known to the app that it could program the day or days more efficiently, then the person could ever do. Also the app could adjust according to the mood of the user. what if the app could also provide better monetary gains or make the progress more efficient? What if the app understood the user’s needs, and adjusted the workflow, or for that matter leisure flow accordingly? What if the app was able to balance the work and play in such a way that provided maximum benefits for all parties involved? The employer, the family, the friends, and mostly the USER.
Instead of being the one following the orders of the boss, or the family, he would actually be able to follow his own orders, according to his regular work day, but in a more organised way as controlled by the app, which will actually be based on the user’s settings.
Will need AI or deep mind thinking to help me solve this and then also provide the notifications to the USER.