Remembering back the times of the voyage by sea to Dubai, most of the journey was in rough seas. Though luckily the voyage was not a very long one like a month on board a steady cruise ship, this was more like a sail boat which easily swayed to the slight push of a breeze. As I PRESS my mind, I am getting flashes of short bursts of rough seas through the small round windows in the ships hull, probably during the night, lying in our separate bunks, watching the moonlit waters splashing on the window.

As I was too young to be bothered with the reasoning of the travels through the sea, I do remember enjoying the voyage just as much as I would have enjoyed an evening with friends out. The time on the deck was spent running around from side to side, with other kids on the ship enjoying the cool breeze together with the tender rocking of the ship.

Every moment of the journey should be noted and written in print, so that the time can forever be preserved in history. But, ALAS! no such luck as the majority of the people on that vessel with me during the journey, that I knew were family, and all of them have passed away to eternal abode, in the recent years.

As I write this journal, the one person closest to me on the journey, MY MOTHER, comes to my mind and reminds me of her love and caring during the trip and for as long as she lived thereafter. She was the person, who would tell us about the things on the boat and the various hapennings, as we were too young to remember the actual facts.

From my memory, and through her help as a constant reminder, I dare to write a few words every now and then

Her memories bring tears to my eyes and force me to end another chapter with a sigh

Till later